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Creating a customized financial future for you and your family.

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We set out to do something different.

Our team came together with a shared vision of providing people an alternative approach to financial freedom. A place where we tap into the unique experiences of each of our financial professionals to provide clients with a personal plan and the most important goal of all: to treat your families and businesses like our own.

Financial Planning

We want to get to know you. Building your financial plan happens only after we have built a relationship with you. Understanding your current financial landscape and your goals for the future gives us the information we need to start building your unique and comprehensive plan. We utilize the finance industry's best and latest tools and strategies to analyze and develop your roadmap to financial success. Lakeside Financial helps you build a foundation that will help you create, build, protect, and transfer your individual, family, or business wealth.

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We want to protect you. We identify and quantify your various financial risks to develop insurance solutions for protection of your family and business. Professional analysis of your current insurance portfolio gives us the foundation to build a strategy and assure maximum utilization of existing insurance resources. We provide plans for intergenerational wealth transfer, estate conservation, and charitable gifting opportunities.

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Investment Services

We want to help you grow. With an unbiased approach to the investment universe, we complete an analysis of your current portfolio and identify growth opportunities and risk factors. Equipped with this information, we use the latest in investment platform technology to build comprehensive portfolio recommendations aligned with your expectation of return and risk.

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Benefit Plans

We want to help build your business. With oversight, we can assist you in navigating the complex arena of employer benefits, with the goal of making your company a great place to work, and a great place to stay. Our experience is in the different options for Retirement plans, Profit sharing, Cash balance, Executive Bonus plans, Life and Disability insurance. For businesses, we focus on in-depth plan design, implementation, and cost control to maximize benefits and minimize financial impact. 

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This is How We Help

First things first: We get to know each other!
The most important part in the process of setting you up for a great future is getting to know YOU. We schedule time to learn about what your life is like right now, what you want it to be, and what it could be. After we learn more about you (and your family!), we get to work on customizing a plan specifically for you designed to achieve your goals in an attainable and comprehensive format. 



We help you imagine a future that provides the opportunities that you've worked hard for. Based on your future goals, we provide weekly, monthly, yearly milestones that work for your unique situation. Building on a foundation tailored to you and your family, we get you started on your journey to financial freedom.



Building financial stability comes with risks. We help mitigate those risks and ensure that each facet of your wealth strategy is suitable for your appropriate risk category. You've worked hard to build the assets you have, and we will help navigate the potential pitfalls so you can focus on the important things: your family, your business, your life.



You've planned extensively, and you've been diligent about establishing a life that will allow you to live the way you want... now it's time to let your wealth work for you. Ensuring a legacy of security, freedom, and peace of mind for your family is the ultimate goal for building your financial portfolio, and the best gift you can give your loved ones.

Are you a business owner? Learn more about how we can get you up and running (or streamline your current processes) so you can provide the best workplace for your employees, and set yourself up with the best future possible.

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This is Who We Are

Ryan Radonich, CPFA

Founding Partner & Director of Firm Development

Ryan's expertise includes qualified plan consulting, investment advisory services, retirement planning, insurance strategies, and estate planning. He strives to assist his clients by offering insight and clarity on a variety of financial...

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Tim Holdsworth, ChFC

Managing Partner & Director of Financial and Wealth Stategies

Tim brings 35 years of experience to his current role as Managing Partner of Lakeside Financial Partners. He is an integral part of the management team, with a foundation of 22 years as an advisor with John Hancock Financial Network...
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David Barth, AIF

CFO & Director of Advanced Planning

Dave brings over 20 years of investment experience to his role as the Director of Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans at Lakeside Financial Partners, and serves on Lakeside’s Investment Committee. He capitalizes on his expertise...

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Brodie Haer

Director of Asset Allocation Planning & Founder of Wealth Guard Portfolios

Brodie brings over 16 years of history with Equitable to his role as Director of Assets Under Management and founder of Wealth Guard Portfolios. He also holds an essential position on Lakeside Partner’s Investment Committee,...

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Mark Pagni

Principal, Wealth Transfer Planning Consultant

Mark brings a prodigious amount of experience in the finance industry to his role as Lakeside’s Wealth transfer Planning Specialist. He has been a part of Equitable since 1982, and specializes in retirement planning, and estate...

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Tim Cowdrick

Principal, Financial Consultant

Tim brings years of experience to Equitable, starting in 2011 specializing in tax-deferred retirement plans and public employee pension benefits. He has grown his expertise to include his primary focus of individual investment...
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Whether it's developing a financial strategy, creating a customized executive benefits program for a business, implementing a needs-based insurance strategy or preparing a detailed asset allocation analysis, our mission is simple: to provide innovative and practical financial programs for our valued clients.

Our Mission

We work with our clients to help ensure their best future by providing customized innovative and achievable strategies that lead to generations of fulfilling financial freedom

Over 15+ Years Average Industry Experience

Our team's combined experience, credentials, and knowledge of a wide-range of products and services allow our firm to provide top- quality, cost-effective financial strategies that are designed to help our clients realize their financial goals.

Over $2.4b Billion Assets Under Advisement

But the most important number is how many clients we now consider to be part of our own families, and the quality of life they enjoy.

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